We hope you're all having a great 2016 so far! The entire Pwnit! team would like to thank you for making last year our best year yet. We have so much planned for Pwnit!, and much of what we want to add, improve, and expand on has come right from your ideas in your tweets, emails, and messages to us. We can't thank you enough for all of your input, and believe me when I say, we read each and every one even if we can't respond to them all.

Our goal is to make Pwnit! the #1 place to go for all things gaming in your life. This includes many features and functionality to come as well as a mobile app so you can interact with Allies, watch clips, and manage your account from anywhere. BUT we can’t get there without your help!

At its heart, Pwnit! is a small startup company run by an equally small, but dedicated team of gamers; Paul, Shane, Tony, and Mark. We have worked our hardest with limited resources to make Pwnit! a thriving, competitive community, but in order to take things to the next level, we need to show investors and partners that the Pwnit! community strong and growing!

That’s where you come in!

This year we want to put a bigger focus on our users and the amazing clips you share with us every week. In the interest of keeping prizing fresh and giving you a reason to come back daily, we’re introducing new month-long ladders where the Grand Prize is a coveted featured spot in a new “Players of the Month” section on the Pwnit! home page. When you win one of these ladders, your clip and username will be featured for the entire next month in addition to being featured on our Facebook and Twitter!

The Weekly Vote and Win Sweepstakes is switching gears too. Votes will no longer count as entries. Every clip uploaded to, in a ladder or not, now counts as an entry to win!

We heard you loud and clear when you told us in our Twitter poll that the most important things to you when competing on Pwnit! are the competition, objectives, and camaraderie you feel with other players. So this new reward system is aimed to give gamers what they want and deserve - Recognition. But don’t worry! If you love winning physical prizes, you still have a chance to win plenty of swag from our awesome partners like EA and JINX!

We want to encourage you to upload more clips to Pwnit! just like you would to your YouTube channel. Share all of your best moments whether there is a ladder for that game or not! Every clip uploaded will have a chance to get featured on our social media daily and a chance at the #PwnitPick of the Week featured on social media and in our newsletter.

Here's a list of features we plan to add in the future. GET STOKED!

- Pwnit! mobile app/mobile-friendly site

- Central social feed with updates on ladders and what your Allies are up to. You'll be able to post just like Twitter/Facebook and follow your Allies!

- Private messaging between Allies

- Notifications of Ally requests, messages, votes, tracking of your clip on a ladder, when new ladders go live, etc.

- Profile badges for achievements you've made on Pwnit! (e.g. #PwnitPick, Battlefield Winner, Halo Top 3, 5x Pwnit! Grand Prize Winner. etc.)

- More detailed profiles

- Playlists for your videos

- View counter, links directly to clips, & more video functionality

- Video streams on the Pwnit! home page where your clip always has a chance to be shown

- Improved search

- Video ranking system

and MUCH more!

As a thank you to all gamers who have been with us since the beginning, everyone who is a part of the Pwnit! beta will receive an exclusive "Pwnit! Pioneer" profile badge on our next build that shows you were with us from the start!

Stay tuned for more news and info on how you can help. Without you, there is no Pwnit! We can't thank you enough.


The Pwnit! team




The ladder all of our Halo fans have been waiting for! Submit your sickest Halo 5 moments for a chance to win sick gear from JINX!



The Minecraft ladder is back! Be sure to check out the awesome prizes offered and submit a screenshot of your most impressive builds.



Huge thank you to Robbie Amell for guest judiciating on our most recent Destiny ladder. He knows the Crucible well and chose Aldo92's montage for a well-deserved win! We hope to have Robbie back soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for more awesome guest judiciators!




Give a warm welcome to our first guest JUDICIATORS, Battlefield Community Manager Dan Mitre and Team NINJA Studio Creative Director Tom Lee! They'll be watching so make sure your Battlefied and DOA5LR clips are on point!

Soon we will have more really cool guest JUDICIATORS joining us, but we can't tell you who just yet. Stay tuned, and get stoked!





There has never been a better time to enter a Ladder or return to Pwnit! New features are now in place to ensure the BEST clips always win the BEST prizes! Get familiar with the new Pwnit!

JUDICIATOR: A word we made up. And also the title of our new ladder judges who will be choosing Grand Prize winners on all contests moving forward.

GRAND PRIZE: The best and most coveted prizes on all new ladders!

COMMUNITY'S CHOICE TOP 3: Compete for votes, and work with your Allies to win prizes! When you Ally another Pwnit! player, your votes then count DOUBLE for each other!

1. The best clips will always win the best prizes.
2. You can now win the Grand Prize on a ladder even if you enter at the last second!
3. If you reach the Community Top 3 AND get chosen by the Judiciator, you win BOTH prizes!
4. You don't need a ton of Allies or followers to have a chance at the best loot.
5. Have a chance to get your clip chosen by some really cool guest Judiciators in the future!