Beta FAQ

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What is PwnIt?

Pwnit! is a website designed for celebrating and rewarding amazing moments with fellow players, friends, family and the developers who lovingly hand-crafted every level of every game you love to play.


What do you need?

All you need to use Pwnit! is an internet connection. Once you're registered you can complete your profile, vote on clips and interact with fellow gamers and your favorite gaming partners.


Why are only players who are the age of majority (or older) in specific countries, states and territories eligible?

Because of state-by-state Contest and Sweepstakes regulations in the United States, province-by-province Contest and Sweepstakes regulations in Canada, and Contest and Sweepstakes regulations on a country-by-country basis outside North America. Please review our Rules and each monthly Sweeps for eligibility details.


How do you upload clips?

You can upload video clips from any game. When you upload you select which game the clips (or screenshots) are associated with and tags which describe the action. Once uploaded, clips are processed and will appear on your profile, visible to the community.


What video format do you recommend?

You can upload numerous file formats, however we recommend compressing your clips. We don't recommend clips higher than 3,000Kbps at 720p. We advise keeping your clips under 100MB to streamline your uploading. Clips following these guidelines, pending your Internet connection, will take about as long as they are in runtime to upload. Clips three (3) minutes or less are typically processed within five (5) minutes after your upload completes.


Why the "!"?  

Pwnit! is all about amazing moments. You can upload anything, but a core feature of Pwnit! are Ladder events which fellow members vote on. The more amazing your clip, pending the objective and game, the more you increase you chance for votes to win.


What are Ladders?

Ladders offer you a chance to showcase your gameplay and win prizes from our sponsors. Ladders run for a limited time during which you can upload a qualifying clip. Each ladder has different requirements and prizes so keep checking back for new chances to win. The more votes your clip gets the bigger your prize so spread the word!


What do I need to upload?

Upload any clip depicting the subject matter of the ladder. No purchase necessary, if you're a huge fan of a game and don't have the platform or game itself you can still enter by uploading a clip related to the objective. By example, you could cosplay as your favorite character, upload your clip and submit to a Ladder. 


How does voting work?

Voting is determined by the community. The community is voting based on how they feel you attempted the Ladder's objective.

Here's an image you can use if you'd like to promote your clips from your social media profiles:


How long should my clips be?

Ideally you should upload focused clips. The community should be able to watch your clips without searching for what you want them to see.


What's the benefit of an Ally?

Like most social networks you can connect with friends. On Pwnit!, every friend is an Ally. Like how your allies would support you in a multiplayer match, when your Allies on Pwnit! vote for you those votes count twice.

Here's an image you can use if you'd like players to Ally you from your social media profiles:


What does it mean to follow someone?

Following another User is adding them as an Ally. You can also follow Games and Partners as "Interests." We're working on cool features which will bring you more from your Allies and Interests.


How do I know who is following me?

An Ally is mutual, they'll show up like interests on your profile page.


How can I suggest Ladders for my favorite games?

You can use the Feedback and Support tab which appears on the right of every page.


How can I share my clips?

You can share any clip, even other users' clips by clicking on the Facebook™ and/or Twitter™icons.


How can I share Ladders?

You can share any Ladder by clicking on the Facebook™ and/or Twitter™icons. If you're in the Ladder include your clip title or Username so friends can vote for you. When you share your individual clip on Facebook™ a thumbnail is included.


Why share my clip title?

You're always getting more votes so your rank is always changing. If you tell your friends you’re in 18th place you might be in 2nd place by the time they come to vote!


I won my Ladder, now what?

Ladders will display as Under Review. Once the Pwnit! staff verifies the final ranked entrants, prizes will be awarded.


Why do I need to enter my address to win?

It is required by law for us to provide you your prizes. 


How long does it take to get my prize(s)?

Virtual goods, gift cards, and DLC are quick. We'll get you your unique code within 5 business days. Physical prizes can vary depending on the fulfillment partner, but no longer than 4-6 weeks. We aim to get all Winners their prizes in 5 business days, whenever possible.


What is "Repeat Prizing Restricted"?

Rule added to specific Ladders to balance your player experience. Not all Ladders have this restriction, read the Rules on each Ladder at the bottom of the page.   

If you win an official Turtle Beach Titanfall Atlas Headset on January 1st you are not eligible to win another Atlas headset prized on a Titanfall Ladder until March 3rd. You can win other Titanfall prizing or another Turtle Beach headset for Ladders on different games, but not the same prize more than once in sixty (60) calendar days on a Ladder associated with the same game. Per the discretion of Pwnit!, Inc., you cannot win an item provided for multiple platforms and claim Platform A for your initial prize and then claim Platform B for your second preference within sixty (60) calendar days. If you're trying to win repeat prizing "for your brother/sister" they can submit on their own and you can Vote for him/her.

Why was my clip removed?

We remove clips based on your adherence to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Rules.


Why was my account suspended?

We suspend based on your adherence to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Rules.


How do I submit a complaint about copyright, impersonation, trademark, or other issues?

Review the Terms of Service.


Still need help?

Check out the Feedback and Support tab on the right of every page.